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We know how important your computer and files are to your business and in most cases we are able to return your computer the same day you drop it off.  We do not charge extra for fast service!


add Does your computer have viruses?  We can remove them and set you up with a proven Anti-Virus
and Anti-Malware solution.


add We can fix almost any problem with your computer ranging from It doesn’t turn on at all to its just not running as fast as it used to.


add If you are looking for a backup solution to ensure you have all your important files backed up we can set
that up for you!


We also build workstation computers for a wide range of needs from budget office machine to high end engineering/design machines.  If you have an idea of what you are looking for, give us a call or come by and we’ll be glad to put a quote  together for you.


Affordable PC Repair can also supply Point-Of-Sale computers and peripherals (printers, credit card swipes, bar code scanners, etc) at competitive rates.


Have business on the go needs?  We can provide mobile computers (laptop / netbook / pda)’s for your business at a competitive price.